Snowmobiling at night in Mt Tremblant 

A mini snowmobile experience…

Still -35, its getting late, but my eldest still wants to try her hand at snowmobiling, just had to be done I suppose.

Such a beautiful and wintry night setting.

This experience was for 15 minutes, which I initially thought was too short, but, it was just about the right time, it was getting crazily cold, and I did wonder if she would be able to last.

 As the time went by, she got the hang of it more and more, she actually became quite good at it and I was left very impressed (by the way, she is the one leading the way)…what do you think?

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I am so proud of her, this was amazing and she showed superb skill and resilience for this first time experience.

In this extremely cold weather, to be able to maneuvers the snowmobile and still brake and speed quite effectively was really fantastic, very well done, just filming her was painful…but a lot of fun!

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